Loyalfans Referral Links 101

By Cindy Partridge

Loyalfans’ Contributing Model Coach 

Who doesn’t love passive income? (It’s a trick question. Obviously, we all do.) 

With that in mind, who doesn’t love some referral link income? Not only is this delicious income that you get by “doing nothing,” it’s a great feel-good example of giving back while getting back.

Sounds amazing, right? Why are we not all doing this, right?! Well, because it’s not as “do nothing” as one might think – but it’s one hundred percent worth the effort. Let me explain.  

The Referral Game: Also a Hustle 

If you are not utilizing referral programs (like the one we have on Loyalfans), then you are missing out. However: Though there are ways to make a comfortable income or significant supplement from referral programs, it is not exactly “passive.” It takes skill and work. 

If you are not utilizing referral links and then putting the work in to optimize that income, you are missing out. Even worse, you may end up pissing others off by making this your game but refusing to play. For instance, I see this a lot: People recruiting new artists with promises of help and then doing nothing more than just sending an occasional infographic or making a telegram group. This checked out “hustle” just makes you look like you need a lesson in both business and ethics.   

I could easily go on various platforms and recruit newbies with screenshots of income and promise them the world for signing up. I could have subs spam platforms with my referral link. But if I stop there, what good does that do? If my referrals are not earning, then I am not earning. If I help optimize their earnings though, then my earnings go up. Their success is my success.  

Let’s crunch some numbers shall we? Say that I get 100 performers to sign up under my referral link. Then say that, within three months, I have put the time in with each individual artist one-on-one and helped all 100 performers reach (or surpass!) their goal of averaging $1,000 per month in income. That third month, what am I bringing in? 100 x 1000 =  a whopping $100,000 total brought through the platform under my refs. I get 5% or a cool $5,000 of that. Monthly. 

Then let’s say just to keep things simple that my refs keep that average up for a full year. What am I bringing in before I pay my taxes? $60,000 USD – or, because I am Canadian, $76,921.20 CAD.

Most referrals on the various platforms are the same or similar, but what is super cool and unique about Loyalfans is the customer referral. If my little pervs are out paying others, which I encourage them to do as often as they wish, I get 5% of what they are spending on other models. Bringing your customers over to Loyalfans is a win, regardless of any situation.

It is beneficial for you on multiple levels to play the game – and I want to see you win, so let’s talk about strategies.   

Referral Strategies

Now that we understand that you have to do… something… to make the referral game work, what exactly is that something? Let me share what I do.

Beauty Domain

Do you own YourWorkName.whatever? Stop reading right now, go get it.

I love my beauty domain as much as I love money. I bring it everywhere I go. It serves many purposes and is hands down my best adult industry working purchase ever. I forward traffic from it directly to whichever referral link on whichever platform I am directing my traffic to. It’s the watermark on all of my content. If I get pirated, the link is still there.

Coach your Referrals 

What are you able to give to your referrals to optimize their earnings? This is where skill sharing and coaching come in.

As a photographer, I can offer advice to any of the genres and a plethora of looks. As an award-nominated dominatrix, I can speak to the psychology behind the kinks and teach consent and safety, as well as speak in regard to the community. I am also a writer, so I can be of help with clip descriptions and photo captions. Being that I am Canadian, I can help other Canadians figure out their payment issues. I am also a mother, so I can speak to time optimization as well. There are so many other things I could list here too, but you get the idea.   

This sarcastically humble list actually proves my point. I can and do teach my referrals a lot because I can offer a lot. 

Be Choosey & Communicate

Ask yourself this before handing out your referral link out to anyone and everyone: Is so-and-so worth your time? Meaning, you are going to have to put the time in to support this new creator at the beginning. Is this time going to pay dividends later?

I recommend having a conversation with anyone you are about to coach up before you begin. Anyone who is doing this is taking a risk by investing their time and potential income on you (the same as you are them). Make sure to get on the same page. 

In Sum

To summarize, my main advice is this: shop around, communicate, and be transparent. Think of referral relationships – be you the referrer or the referee – as a savings account with each other. Find someone who offers the most on what you are willing and/or able to put in. 

You are earning your 5% by guiding others and helping them earn. Find a way to make it so you both win!

About Loyalfans.com: Loyalfans.com is a premium social media fan club that enables influencers, creators, artists, public figures, and all types of compelling people to interact with and share various forms of original content with their most loyal fans. Creators’ loyal fans can become supporters in exchange for exclusive benefits offered via the platform, facilitating an opportunity to turn individual ingenuity and influence into a thriving business.

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