Lady Anita: Inspiring Goddesses Everywhere!

Lady Anita has been working in the industry since 2005 — and she found herself immersed fully, quickly!

“I started in 2005 with vanilla camming,” Lady Anita shared with us. “Also, in the same year, I had my first interaction with a slave — and not any slave, a toilet one. Pretty intense experience!”

“At that point, I was not sure what to expect because I had zero experience in this industry, but I knew that I would not stop — so I started to read more, and here I am,” she continued.

In the spirit of keeping on grinding, Lady Anita had some choice insights about playing the long game.

“I hope everyone knows how hard this industry is, and it is even harder to keep it alive because many will just quit after a few weeks or a few months,” she said. “It takes so much effort, and everyone must respect and appreciate our work here. Money will come, but it takes a bit of time and work.”

“I manage to keep it up with a bit of ambition and lots of good coffee,” she added. “I don’t get tired and I don’t get lazy when I know there are things that I want to accomplish.”

Lady Anita shared a few more choice insights with us about her work on Loyalfans — read on!

Loyalfans: What are some things people think are easy about your job but are actually really challenging? 

Lady Anita: Well, I would start with creating content. Good content. Quality content. That’s challenging. Anyone can post three or 1,000 pictures, but if you have nothing “to say,” those pictures will end up in the dark.

The second one would be social media. It gives you the feeling that it is so easy. Just tag a few people, add a few pictures, and boom — you expect 500 followers a day. False! The crazy part is that maybe you manage to get those 500. Good luck with converting them into paid members.

What’s your favorite thing about Loyalfans?

I love the website and all of its features. It is very user-friendly.

People often feel A LOT of pressure to get a bunch of gear when they first start creating content online. What do you think are the most useful things to have when you’re very first starting out? 

Lights, lights, and more lights! And a good camera.

In 2005, when I started, my first webcam was a Logitech. A small, round camera that somehow I managed to break and couldn’t afford to buy another one, so I used superglue and tried to stick it to a lamp. It worked! I made money.

My first baby was a DSLR Canon. I was so proud of it. I was able to use it as a webcam too. It was a great choice back then. The point is, never give up. Try everything!

What’s one thing you do for work that’s “unexpected”…like, no one does this except YOU?

I’m sure there are so many like me, but I think sometimes I’m TOO authentic and occasionally people get intimidated, especially submissive boys. I find it funny!

I don’t find it funny that so many are running away from real women though, probably because they all expect beautiful robots and end up with strong, smart, badass women. That applies to the entire industry. They can’t handle us.

Working from home can sometimes feel isolating. What do you do to help stave off feelings of loneliness or isolation?

I leave the country! I love to travel, but lately, when I cannot do that, I listen to music and work out because of the pandemic. I also go out with friends, watch Netflix, and have a good cocktail and a book. Then I’m fine.

Who is your peer mentor or someone you just admire or respect in the industry?

I’m not sure if I ever had a mentor, but there are many extraordinary women on Loyalfans. I love all strong, independent, and ambitious women. A true Goddess is always an inspiration for anyone.

Besides working, what’s your favorite pastime or hobby? 

I would need five hours to write about them all, so I will make this as short as possible.

I love art! Whether it’s painting — canvas, walls, wood, anything — or digital art, it can all be so beautiful. I also love photography and editing pictures. I love architecture and am obsessed with designing houses and interior design. I design and sew my dresses, and I cook well enough that friends often pay me to make menus for different events.

Is your sign an accurate description of you?

I’m a Gemini, which is very accurate. We are complex and complicated, and we always have two sides: the good and the bad. It is very important to know which one you are speaking to. We are unique!

I said this, and I will keep saying it: There is something magical about Geminis!

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