Join Loyalfans’ #ShoutOutLove Contest

We are so excited to announce our Shout Out Love contest! #ShoutOutLove

The contest runs from February 1 through February 28, with the winners announced on March 1, 2021. There are ten total cash prizes to win — and first prize is $1000!

Instructions and requirements for the two-phase Shout Out Love contest are below. Make sure to read them carefully and closely.

Note: You must have an active Creator profile on to enter the contest. Don’t have an active profile yet? No problem! Start your creator account today right here, and join in on the Shout Out Love fun for February! 

Shout Out Love, Phase  1

1. Enable and set up Shout Outs on your Loyalfans page. Go to the Shout Outs tab at the top of your Loyalfans Timeline and click “Enable Shout Outs.” Complete all the necessary settings.



And complete:

Here are detailed instructions for setting up your Shout Outs if you need more information:

2. Create your Shout Out intro video. Make something that demonstrates your unique personality and the kind of Shout Out messages you offer. Your intro video needs to be approximately 20 seconds in length, safe-for-Insta (no nudity, etc), and  include a fan appreciation message that ties into the idea of “shout out love.” Get creative!

3. Upload your Loyalfans Shout Out intro video to your Loyalfans Shout Out page to complete your setup.

4. Upload your intro video to Twitter and/or Instagram. (Note: The contest is limited to your Loyalfans Timeline, Twitter, and Instagram only.)

We will RT and/or share your post to Stories to confirm your entry is complete and has been received. If you notice that we have not interacted with your post, double check that your submission is complete (e.g. that you have included all the necessary elements) and DM us to give us a nudge.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to tag your Twitter and/or Instagram posts with @realloyalfans *and* #ShoutOutLove. For Twitter, make sure you also include a link to your Loyalfans Shout Out page in your tweets. These elements are required for contest entry.

You have from February 1st at 12 am EST through February 14th at midnight EST to share and promote your intro video. Note: You can share your video as much as you want across Twitter, Instagram, and your Loyalfans Timeline in order to increase engagement, which is part of moving into Phase 2, but you are only entering the contest once.

Shout Out Love, Phase 2

After Phase 1 closes at midnight EST on February 14, Loyalfans will select the Top 10 intro video submissions to advance to Phase 2!

This is how the Top 10 will be selected:

— Intro video creativity 

— Overall Loyalfans Shout Out Love contest engagement on your social(s) and your Loyalfans Timeline

— Shout Out sales during Phase 1. This is determined both by the number of Shout Out requests you complete, as well as the amount of sales you generate.

We will announce the Top 10 Shout Out intro videos by February 16, 2021. The Top 10 will be added to the contest voting page.

Share your link and promote to get votes during the voting period. Fans can only vote for free one time per every 24-hour period, but they may purchase additional votes. Votes can be purchased at a rate of one coin per vote. All purchased votes go to the creator as tips (at your regular share rate).

Fan voting begins on February 16th and ends on February 28th at midnight EST. Winners will be announced on March 1, 2021.


First place (who has the most fan votes) — $1000 (one winner)

Second place — $500 (one winner)

Third place — $200 (one winner)

4th through 10th place — $100 (seven total winners, each winner receives $100)

Prizes will be distributed during the first payout following the contest’s end.

Good luck! Please feel free to contact us if you need any help or have any questions about the contest and/or Loyalfans in general #thankyouforbeingloyal

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