Profitable Shout Outs for Your Loyal Fans

Did you ever want to give your adoring fans something personalized and special? Now you can with Loyalfans Shout Outs. 

What’s a shout out? How do I activate it? How does it all work?  You have questions — and we have the answers, just for you!

A shout out is a short recorded video message for an individual fan that is willing to pay for a personalized custom content.

Maybe they want their favorite creator to wish them a happy birthday or anniversary, send a personalized pick-me-up, or just send a message for any other special occasion. Maybe they just want to hear you say their name in a hello message. Maybe one of your fans wants to give a friend a special gift — the gift of your message!

Fans adore you, and they’ll adore you more if you turn on the shoutouts option and make yourself available to them.

The process of getting your shout out page up and running is simple. First, click on the top tab of your timeline that says Shout Outs:

Then, just click on:

Once you do this, you’ll see a full list of available options. Options include:

— Nude Shout Outs: Toggle this on if you want to offer nude shoutouts to your fans.

— Deactivate Shout Out Requests: If you’re going to be busy, you can shut it off for a while.

— Auto-publish Shout Out Videos: If the fan allows it, the videos you shoot can automatically be published on your page.

— Introductory Video: This is a must! While we don’t make it mandatory, a good introductory video will help to increase sales by giving members a sample of you (and how you do!)

You can select who the shout outs are for: personal ones, ones to someone’s friends, or a company or group. The pricing for a company or group will, of course, come at a higher rate.

Set the shout out price: Make sure you request what you’re able to get for a shout out. Don’t set it too low! Your time is worth something, and this is a mini-custom video.

Set a different price for a Company or Group Shout Out: Since this is for a larger group, you’ll want to make this a higher price.

Nude Shout Out Add-On Price: If you’re getting nude, make them pay.

Respond In: You have the option of making a 3, 7, or 14 day turn around for these videos. If the video isn’t done in the time frame that you set, the customer will get a refund and this project gets cancelled.

What’s the occasion? This just gives your fans a rough idea of what types of shout outs they can request of you.

The top tabs will show you the following:

Requests will list the requests you have. Videos will have the videos you uploaded. Reviews will have fan reviews of the shout outs you deliver.

Remember to share your shout out page on all your social media platforms by clicking this button:

It’s that simple and that easy. Get creating those Shout Outs for your most loyal fans today!

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