GreekGoddess195: Love Spell

Meet Goddess Athena, also known as GreekGoddess195. Her most loyal fans are privileged to enjoy a sensual mindfuck when they enter her realm.

“Fall under My little love spell through My endless blue eyes, mesmerizing voice and dangerous giggle,” Goddess Athena writes in her bio. “Relapse into My world and never be the same.”

We wanted to know more about balancing mindfucking with sensuality, as well as what her love spell entailed — so we asked Goddess Athena for more about her work and perspective online. Read on!

Loyalfans: How did you started working online?

GreekGoddess195: I’ve always been interested in wielding my sexuality ever since I was young — and I always did — so I don’t really think about being “in an industry.” Although I realize now, more than ever, with the challenges that have surfaced recently: I am in an industry that is constantly being attacked and censored. It’s not something I considered before getting into it.

When I moved to NYC to go to art school, I began dancing at a few strip clubs. I loved the power and fed off the adoration. The desire to play in this space and use my feminine sensuality never left me, even when I did quit stripping and pursued a job in production. Despite my professional accomplishments, I was unhappy and unmotivated by the work.

When COVID-19 shut the world down, I re-entered sex work through camming and quickly found findom and femdom. Now here I am on Loyalfans!

We all know that being an online content creator is a 24/7 job. How do you keep up with the workflow and demands of today’s industry?

I will be the first to admit it is a struggle!

I try to get ahead at least a week if possible with scheduling content and will usually have a few filming days and a few editing days. I find that mixing in live streams and private video sessions during the days helps break things up and keeps me having fun with everything.

What’s your favorite feature on Loyalfans?

I love the notes feature on each follower and subscriber — all the better to collect triggers and weaknesses for my sweet manipulation.

What’s your go-to selfcare activity?

I am obsessed with getting massages. My good boys know that, and it’s my favorite gift to receive.

Besides working, what’s your favorite pastime or hobby?

I have two businesses, and the other I don’t really consider work either.

I have a vintage clothing brand and recently opened a brick-and-mortar in August. I’ve been buying and selling vintage since I was 13 years old. I love the treasure hunt and the stories that vintage pieces hold versus modern goods. There is something really special about giving forgotten things new meaning.

Is your sign an accurate description of you?

I’m a Gemini Sun & Rising and a Taurus moon. It’s definitely accurate! I am very open and love to play with language and can talk to almost anyone. The Taurus moon keeps me grounded, and I’m very thankful to have that aspect in my chart because it is a strong center.

Both combined make me pretty bossy but keeps everyone on their toes… in the best way possible, of course!

Find Goddess Athena — GreekGoddess195 — on Loyalfans at

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