Get Some Flair: 5 Tricks Independent Creators Don’t Know (But Should)

By Cindy Partridge

Loyalfans’ Contributing Model Coach 

Did you know: There are all sorts of *things* you can be doing to make your work world a better place. 

I don’t mean organizing your calendar and making strategic decisions about what platforms you choose to leverage. I mean, you should be doing those things, sure. What I’m referring to here though are other interesting “flair” things you can be doing to add texture to your online presence, depth to your persona, and nuance to your work portfolio overall.

The following aren’t necessarily tricks, but they are tricky things you may just not have thought of before – and many of these ideas can lead to trick acquisition, helping you to emerge as the mastermind of your own work world.

Use your Words!

You can write an article for media and submit it to publications. Like other media, printed, on site, and on blogs, it’s competitive and you need to have something to say (and you need to say it well). But your work rank isn’t the deciding factor in terms of getting your voice out there. Your writing skills and what you have to say are.

Ask for Promo

You can and should reach out to platform support and other appropriate departments to ask what you can do to be featured or get promoted on their site or branded social media. This could be something simple like getting a post to your page or merchandise to wear for pictures, or more elaborate like doing an interview or getting a trailer made about your page. 

The key point here though is that you have to ask. If people don’t know you’re interested, well, then how will they know? Plus, the initiative and interactivity will put you on their radar for when they are actively seeking creators for something high profile or more elaborate! 

Learn Stuff

While this one isn’t a guaranteed thing for all platforms – except for on Loyalfans… it’s guaranteed on Loyalfans! – it’s worth exploring. You can and should reach out to support to see if they are able to offer any advice on how to optimize growth on their platform, use their features, optimize yourself on their site, and so on.   

This can look like an email, a link to a blog, and access to tutorials or articles you may not be aware exist. On Loyalfans, it can even mean a one-on-one site walkthrough that you didn’t know was offered! 

If the answer is no, you are in the same situation you were before you asked. If you are hit back with a yes, you are now equipped with more information that you had before. That is most certainly worth the risk of being told no.

Say No 

If you are offered or asked to participate in an initiative that you don’t like, well, you can say no. You can reject their offer in a polite way. Even better, you can say you would love to do something with them but this particular opportunity doesn’t feel like the best fit for both of you. You follow that up with another suggestion you like better, backing up why your idea lands better, scratching your back – and their’s.    

Tip Your Waitress (and Be Nice to Andrew)

When you eat out, your server is a key part of making sure you have a great experience. It makes sense to be nice to them. The same goes with site support.

Treat support as part of your income optimization team. You can and should be polite to support. This is especially important to remember when you have an issue, whether that issue is the site’s fault, your fault (it happens!), or some glitch no one could have predicted, the fact remains that getting an issue resolved always goes smoother if everyone feels respected.   

Support teams are not your submissive or your customer. (And even if they are, when they are working, they are site support on their work accounts.) Don’t treat them like they are. I get that when something is going wrong it’s easy to get frustrated, but I can almost guarantee that they are not the ones who fucked your shit up, nor are they in control of what did. They want your issues fixed as much as you do.   

So if you are asking for help, remember you are asking for their help. Don’t bite Andrew’s hand! 

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