Ruby Red: The Dark WoOoby

The Dark Ruby — aka The Dark WoOoby — may seem to be your average “girl next door,” but Ruby has taken this to a whole new level.

Via her “Lewd in the Life Of” (LITLO) concept wherein fans can follow her in everyday activities in all stages of undress, Ruby offers a whole new take on what the neighbors might be up to! By creating a unique and personal concept, she’s been able to create a unique and personal experience for her fans, connecting through authenticity and meaning.

Ruby took some time out to share her perspective on work, life, and her work-life — three different spaces that mix and meld into one unique, beautiful gem!

Loyalfans: How did you start in the business?

The Dark Ruby/The Dark WoOoby: I actually started indy! I loved to take pictures and post them on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, wherever. Eventually someone decided they’d pay to see more and could afford to “shoot their shot” so to say.

I had never thought about it that hard before, though presented with the opportunity I decided why not? I’ve been loving it ever since! I’m an exhibitionist as it is, so I love to show off. Knowing I can earn an income doing something that makes me happy and horny, well… I’d be a fool to pass that up wouldn’t I? 

How do you keep up with the workflow and demands of today’s 24/7 industry?

It’s not easy. I try to set a schedule for myself every week depending how it’s gone the last few weeks. I try to have at least one day for my “content day,” but there’s been times I used every day of the week making content. My boyfriend has one to two days off, so I always take those days off with him. It’s the one chance I get to have fun, relax and not worry about work.

I also have a time limit. I can only work between certain times every day, so I don’t overwork myself and I have time to do my chores, take care of myself and my pets, and make sure that I’m still sane and functioning!

What gives you ideas for your content and creativity in general?

I have friends who also do indy work. We bounce ideas off each other all the time, or I talk to my boyfriend.

I love taking suggestions, though my fans at the moment aren’t very forthcoming with them. I would much rather get ideas from them. It’s more fun to act out someone else’s fantasy for them, to make it a reality and to hear their reactions. That’s my inspiration — the feedback I get keeps me going and striving to do more. 

What is the funniest thing that’s happened to you while working?

I was in the middle of a cam session when my dog walked across the cord to my ring light and knocked it over. He laughed, I laughed, the dog laughed! It was a good time, but it was nerve-racking to experience. I thought she broke my equipment at first.

Best tech or gear hack?

Ring lights are honestly your best friend. They add so much to your content it’s almost comical the difference I noticed. I got my first one last year for Christmas, and I won’t even take selfies without it now. 

What do you think is the most useful feature on Loyalfans?

I would have to say it’s scheduling posts. Being able to schedule a post means that I can make a set with 30-40 pictures and 3-4 videos, set them up to post at different times over the course of the next few days or weeks, and simply forget about it until I have to do it again.

This way I can spend more time focusing on making the content, editing it if need be, talking to my fans and planning out ideas for the future! 

What are some other things people think are easy about your job but are actually really challenging? 

Honestly? All of it.

Most people assume that it’s just point, click, shoot, done. It’s never been that simple and never will be. I spend no less than half an hour every day just doing makeup and that’s not even for a set, picking out my outfit and lingerie takes about that long, setting up only takes 15-20 minutes, but then shooting? Well, depending on the content you do, just photos could be an hour, photos and clips or GIFs could be an hour and a half or two hours.

On a busy day I’m spending 5+ hours just making content and then 2+ hours editing it. This is not to say I would change it — I love my job, and the effort is worth it for what I get in return, but it is called sex work. It’s still work. 

What is the one key piece of advice you have for other models and creators? 

Rest when you need to!

I don’t mean sleep, I mean take a mental health day whenever you have to. This job is tough. Some days it can be so mentally draining that you just want to curl up in a ball and do nothing — do that. Your page is nothing without you and you need to care for yourself in order to do the best you can. Making sure you’re well rested, hydrated, fed, and mentally stable to do the job is so important. Put time and effort into what’s making your income: yourself. 

What’s one thing you do for work that’s “unexpected”…like, no one does this except you?

I may not be the only one, but I’d say my content style. I do laid back sets, strip teases, smoking and vaping clips, as well as a few fetishes but for the most part my content style is described as “Lewd in the Life of,” and I market myself as “Your Pocket Girlfriend” if that gives you any ideas. 

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The Dark WoOoby The Dark Ruby

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