Cammi Cams Can!

Cammi Cams can!

Like really, Cammi has been working online through some great industry shifts and social upheaval. If you want insights and perspective from a true professional that knows what it takes to make it when times are good… as well as when times are mega not-so-good, Cammi is an invaluable resource.

Take some time to soak up a few tidbits from an icon and pillar in our wonderful community!

Loyalfans: How did you get started working online?

Cammi Cams: I started as a nude dancer and then went to topless dancing. I then decided to work at home as a cam model back in 2009 since the economy took a nosedive and I did not want to drive 30 miles to the club. 

Was working online everything you expected? 

It was not what I expected. I expected it to be like a peep show where men paid to see a show. Little did I know that I had to use my computer and sales skills to be a cam model, which I learned from being a topless dancer and website designer.

The only thing that I miss is the bouncer… but I always have the ban button!

We all know that being an online content creator is a 24/7 job. How do you keep up with the workflow and demands of today’s industry?

By working from 9 to 6:30 pm EST Monday through Friday and Saturdays from 9 to 1:30 pm EST. Sundays are the day where I work on my website, videos, editing, advertising and my affiliate sites.

What’s your favorite type of content to shoot?

I love roleplay with or without costumes. It’s exciting and fun when it’s a normal roleplay. I have done some roleplays that were not fun, but I had to to make the sale.

What are your must have work-related products?

Plexaderm and my makeup.

How do you foster a good relationship with your fans?

By treating them with respect *if* they do the same by saying hi, talking for a little bit, tipping and/or taking me private. My true fans know that this is my only source of income and they respect me by not freeloading.

What is the one key piece of advice you have for other models and creators?

The truth? DON’T DO IT unless you have a thick skin and know a lot about computers, advertising and sales. 

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