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“Initially, I entered the business as a nude model working around the world with amateur photographers — however, at that time I used completely different name,” Faith Eros shared with us.

This is very interesting, as it demonstrates evolution. There’s no hard and fast rule out there that says how you would like to do online sex work on day one has to be the way you do online sex work forever. The idea of evolving and growing within the context of work online is super important!

“I decided to start making fetish videos a year ago, and I would say it is exactly the way I expected to be,” she continued. “It requires a lot of hard work and huge investments to produce videos. That’s why the quality of my videos are not 100% the way I want it to be: because I don’t have enough of financial means.”

Other struggles, according to Faith, include the fact that, “It is very complicated to attract people to buy your videos when you don’t have an established fan base, and adult content is not the easiest to promote because you get banned all the time. Plus, it seems that people on different clips selling platforms are attracted to different types of content.”  

All these points are important to be aware of when navigating sex work online! Faith shared some additional insights with us, all of which are important when considering every type of occupational evolution online.

Loyalfans: We all know that being an online content creator is a 24/7 job. How do you keep up with the workflow and demands of today’s industry?

Faith Eros: I would say I do whatever I want to do. I have my own style, which I represent online. I don’t really keep up with the trends because it’s too boring for me.

I believe what you need is to have luck in this industry. If you don’t have it then you can follow all the latest trends but you won’t become a trend yourself.  So yes, the success in this industry consists of two things: luck and the ability of revealing the secret of the niche. A lot of top creators say there is no secret, but it’s all a bullshit. Otherwise, how did they become famous then?

What is the one key piece of advice you have for other models and creators?

Keep on digging and being stubborn. I know it is disheartening when you don’t really see a result or it’s not the way you expected to be, and then you see other models who are less talented but they make a big buck. Well, that’s all because they know a secret and you don’t.

Some of them even can try to charge you money for teaching you the way the industry works and how to become successful, but they will never open you a secret. All they will teach you are the same things you already know and believe me those things don’t work. You just have to be ruthless for money to dig out that gold.

What’s your favorite holiday or event to celebrate with your fans?

Of course, my b-day! That’s when you can expect to get money for nothing, and I love getting money for nothing.

What’s your favorite feature on Loyalfans?

Of course, my favorite feature is the tip button. I love getting money just for being me and because other people appreciate my work. I love when money slaves tip me just because they want me to help them to part with their money.

Best tech or gear hack?

I would say my wigs. That’s how I can cover my bad hair days. Otherwise, technically, I’m pretty dumb. I’m always afraid to push the wrong button!

What are some misconceptions people have about your work?

Some people think that because I’m a part of the adult industry I’m stinky rich. Other people think that the job I do is only for lazy people and they try to shame me for demanding money from men, but I’m not ashamed to demand money because men owe me this money.  

Do you have any pre-shoot rituals that help get you in a “work mindset”? 

My pre-shooting ritual is to connect with my alter ego, who will do and say things instead of me.

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