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Loyalfans: How did you start in the business, and is it different than what you expected? 

YourHighness: I know it’s taboo, but I actually found FinDom through a viral tweet that completely misrepresented what FinDom actually is. It intrigued Me, so I did some research and fell in love with the real thing. I made an account immediately and haven’t been able to stay away five years later.

It is quite different than I expected. From the tweet I saw, it advertised only being mean to men for money — but I’ve fallen in love with the kink and fetish that come with it, too. It’s not just being mean. It’s manipulating, mind reading, seduction, power — sweet, sweet power — and dominance. I simply fell in love with it!

How do you keep up with the workflow and demands of today’s 24/7 industry?

It is way bigger of a job than people assume. We writers, directors, actors, editors, light adjusters, set builders and also even our own marketing team! It sincerely is a lot of work.

I keep up with the demands by making clips when I want to or am seriously inspired by something, that way I don’t get burnt out. I’ve never made the majority of My money though clips. I focus more on person to person contact. I find it’s much easier to use My unmatched mindfucking powers to get what I want, always.

What was the first big online goal you hit?

I’ve been doing findom for five years now. In My second year, I wanted a fully sub-funded trip to LA to visit friends and also spend My first 4/20 weekend as a 21 year old, legal to smoke weed.

I had a few subs send, and it completely went off without a hitch. I had an incredible time, even better because I did spend a cent. My next goal is a thousand dollar tribute, in one send. I can’t believe I’ve been here for five years and haven’t received My first quadruple digit tribute… Hopefully someone will step up to the plate!

Who is your peer mentor, inspiration, or someone you just admire or respect in the industry?

Oh My gosh, I could list dozens maybe hundreds! Direct inspirations for Me are MixtrixFix, findomcelebrity, Mae, and eyesxonfire. They all have such unique specialties and embody how I define the word “FinDomme” — strong, independent, beautiful, and absolutely ruling the world.

How do you foster a good relationship with your fans?

I actually prefer a good relationship with fans and clients. My tagline is “sweet and sour, pretty and witty,” so this is the best way I’ve found.

The sub/client/fan doesn’t know whether to expect My sweet or sour “persona” — I say persona, it’s really how I’m feeling in the moment — I dominate 100% as MYSELF. No acts, no fake personas, and it makes the experience even more mouthwatering both for Myself and the person lucky enough to experience.

I’m also sexy, so I do enjoy posting a lot of pictures too. Makes all of us happy!

What is the funniest thing that’s happened to you while working?

There are so many to choose from. I think I laugh hardest when I meet up with the one and only sub I meet up with because when he hands Me cash his hands shake so hard he can barely put it into My hands. Male weakness and especially the show of fear makes Me laugh like no other.

How do you keep coming up with new ideas for your content and fans?

I’m inspired randomly by the most random things. I find that when I work hard and focus hard on coming up with new ideas, it becomes almost impossible, like when someone asks what your favorite song is and it all leaves your brain. I’ve found a much better system…

Through life, I carry a notebook. Any time I’m inspired through things around Me, I write them down. I have a booklet full of projects waiting to be filmed, edited, and released! I also love getting inspiration from My beautiful peers too.

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