King & Tink: Those Hot Neighbors Next Door…

Have you ever noticed that hot couple next door? You know, the people down the block or down the hall that always look like they’re rather be anywhere else — just as long as they were anywhere else together?

King and Tink are those hot neighbors… and more!

In their bio on their couple’s Loyalfans page, they explain that they’re a modest and reserved pair, both army vets, a self-taught java developer (King) and a cosmetologist (Tink), with a lot of real life going on. And that real life also includes being a smoldering hot duo that creates content as well!

Together, King and Tink have created an amazing space where viewers and fans can take a peek at *that* hot couple next door, getting access to everything you suspect happens as soon as the door clicks close. It’s a super hot vibe that they execute perfectly, largely due to the authenticity they put off.

King and Tink took some time out to answer a few questions we had with delightful candor — read on and enjoy!

Loyalfans: How did you start in the business, and is it different from what you expected?

King and Tink: Through word-of-mouth. A close friend was making extra income on the side camming and, being the business-minded people we are, we said why not. It’s different because it’s much more fun than we expected. We really enjoy the feedback we get from customers.

How do you keep up with the workflow and demands of today’s industry?

Although this industry is 24/7, we are our own boss. We work the days and times we want and grow at the pace we feel comfortable.

What’s your favorite feature on Loyalfans?

The feature that allows us to post to the “public, followers, and subscribers” is great. Reason being is we also have [accounts on other fan sites] and most creators make a free and a paid page. With this feature, there’s no need to do so.

What is your first big online goal you want to hit?

Our first online goal was to see if we were actually good at what we do and that was confirmed almost immediately! Reason being, we were no longer going to continue if we weren’t.

What’s your go-to selfcare activity?

Tink: Trying new food! The experience is enjoyable and surprising. It’s like, I wonder what this will taste like!

King: Going to the gym, hands down. It’s the treadmill for me, it’s meditative…

Is it an accurate description of you?

Tink: I’m a Taurus, and yes! They say bulls are introverted and grounded. I’d stayed that’s me in a nutshell for sure.

King: My sign is Cancer, yes. I’m emotionally SOMETIMES stable!

Find King and Tink on Loyalfans at

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