Public, Followers, Subscribers: Loyalfans Timeline Post Options

Here’s a tutorial explaining what a Loyalfans timeline is, exactly, and why it’s very important to cultivate yours.

The content below was written by Loyalfans’ Support Manager Andrew. You can contact him at if you have any questions at all.

Let’s take a look!

What is a Timeline?

The timeline is probably the most important part of the Loyalfans site, but how to use it effectively can easily be misunderstood.  

The timeline is just the chronological order of posts that are on a Creator’s page. If you’ve done any social media posting — Twitter, Facebook, etc — you’ll get this basic concept. If you’re not on any social media platform, just think of this like blog posts, with the newest articles first

Each post in the timeline has three options:

Public: Anyone that visits your URL will be able to see that post. 

This is good if a person wants to see something before doing anything. Not too many posts should be public because it will just create freeloader traffic, and they may never buy anything. So, while necessary, I would set posts to “Public” sparingly.

Note: Tips can be asked for, so even in Public posts there’s opportunities for people to spend coins.

Followers: In order to view this post, the person has to be logged into a account and will end up being listed as a fan of yours. 

While they haven’t paid anything yet, this is a good promo tool. It’s a good way to get people into that loop of interest for your page. Again, you shouldn’t get excessive with “Follower” posts, but you should do enough of them to promote your page, get people interested, and have them eventually become subscribers.

Note: Tips can be asked for here too, so even in Follower posts there’s opportunities for people to spend coins.

Subscribers: If you set a post to “Subscribers,” only people that pay a subscription will be able to view the page. This is where the money gets made.   

Subscribers only have access to the content while they remain subscribers. Once the subscription lapses, they no longer have access to the content. This is an important aspect of keeping subscribers active on the site. It’s this mixture of fresh, varied content, that makes people want to stay. One picture posted every week will not get people to stay actively subscribed.  

When you set a post to Subscribers, you also have to set a price for the post. This post can be purchased for that price. When a video gets purchased it goes into the purchased link:

Note: The video they purchased *cannot* be downloaded and can only be accessed by going to that link and streaming the video, audio, or pictures, etc. Remember that Loyalfans is a streaming site (…mostly! People can purchase custom clips, which are downloadable, through the messaging function), which has the added bonus of cutting down on piracy!

Featured image by Denise Karis on Unsplash.

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