Flossin’ with Goddess Fliss

Goddess Fliss — Making findom expensive again!

Hailing from Australia, Goddess Fliss is a mindfucking manipulator and rip off specialist who takes no prisoners on her way to the top.

There’s an interesting balance between approachable and unapproachable that’s key in this fetish niche. Take a moment to learn a bit more about Goddess Fliss and her insights.

Loyalfans: What is the one key piece of advice you have for other models and creators? 

Goddess Fliss: Try to not get so addicted to social media promotion. I was guilty of this, especially on Twitter. I’ve recently stepped back a little. It’s so refreshing, plus it’s great for your mental health. Also, it’s freeloader central — use your valuable time on paying customers!

What’s one thing you do for work that feels “unexpected”…like, no one does this except YOU? 

I haven’t really come across anything to be honest, but I suppose taking pictures of my trash to send to weak men with a ripoff fetish is weird when you think about it!

What are your must-have work-related health and beauty products? 

I always have my big water bottle by my side, a good lip balm, my trusty foot file and a good moisturizer. 

Best tech or gear hack?

If you think you need to upgrade, upgrade! I waited so long to upgrade my phone and as soon as I did, it was amazing to realize how long things were taking to do on my old phone. 

Besides working, what’s your favorite pastime?

I love beachcombing. I don’t get to do it often but when I do I can be there for hours. Sea glass is my favorite find, and I also try to remove as much marine debris as I can. 

What’s your sign? Is it an accurate description of you? 

I’m a Libra. I honestly don’t delve much into astrology, but I do like everything balanced and even and I’m pretty sure that’s a Libra trait! 

Find Goddess Fliss on Loyalfans at loyalfans.com/goddessfliss

Goddess Fliss Making findom expensive again

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