Freya Aric: Frisky & Fetching AF

Freya Aric — frisky, fetching, and literally fresh! Freya has only been an online content creator for a few months now, and she’s loving it.

“After many years curiously on the sidelines as a supporter of my creator friends, I finally dipped my feet in [a few] months ago,” she shared with us. “It’s a lot more fun and supportive than I expected!”

Freya took some time out to share a bit about her experiences working online with Loyalfans so far — prepare to be charmed!

Loyalfans: How do you keep up with the workflow and demands of today’s 24/7 industry?

Freya Aric: It’s difficult! Knowing that I’m building hopefully long term, real connections with my fans adds a lot of motivation and fun to the demand.

Setting small personal rewarded goals is always good too. If you can’t give yourself a head pat… who can?

What’s your favorite feature on Loyalfans? 

My favorite feature is going live.  I love that real time connection! My other favorite feature is retracting Mass Messaging because my spelling is questionable sometimes!

Loyalfans has a great internal support team and also creator networking that I’ve managed to make friends in as well. 

What is the one key piece of advice you have for other models and creators? 

Breathe and always love. Listen to yourself. You’re a boss!

What’s one thing you do for work that’s “unexpected”…like, no one does this except YOU?   

No one breathes the air I do! Everything I do I try to bring myself into so it’s unique to me.

I love building projects, models, terrariums, vehicles, and so on. I’m sensual as well and bring this to all of my more naughty aspects of work. I’m also a nerd who loves dragons.

What’s you cleverest tech or gear hack?

When your N64 games fails you can turn the console off and just blow real good into the bottom of the cartridge and it should work fine again — follow me for more hacks!

What is the funniest thing that’s happened to you while working?

I don’t have any funny stories yet, but I can’t wait to have something happen to bring me to crying laughter. Who wants to be my first?!

What inspires your content ideas?

I find inspiration from the things in my life that give me joy. I have some herbal inspiration as well to keep the juices flowing off the beaten path.

I have a brain in a mess with all the creative ideas I’ve got in store for my fans! 

What are some other things people think are easy about your job but are actually really challenging?

Literally every part of it has its challenges!

Find Freya Aric on Loyalfans at 

Freya Aric plaid

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