Why Is Engagement Important on Social Media?

It’s true that social media platforms reward engagement, but social media engagement is more than just being more active. In fact, it’s a vital part of reaching any sort of audience today, and content creators are uniquely positioned to get the most out of the social media platforms that command attention from audiences from all over the world.

After all, without engagement, social media is just like all the other media we have. But with so many one-way experiences out there, social media provides a space for real connection, which is what really drives social media engagement and success online. Nowadays, huge brands and well-known celebrities are leveraging social media to foster connections and build their audiences.

What Is Social Media Engagement?

Simply put, social media engagement is the measure of how people are interacting with your content and accounts. Things such as likes, favorites, comments, replies, direct messages, shares, retweets, saves, mentions and clicks are all ways to measure social media engagement with fans and followers. But those that interact more and have a proper social media strategy in place are able to help amplify the voice they have and the content they create, and in that sense social media engagement is really about discovering what’s working and what might need a little work.

Why Social Media Engagement Is Important

For many, social media is the only place that content creators can reach their audience directly without an in-between, filter or some other barrier. As long as you have an idea, you can put it out there and start connecting with your audience immediately. 

What’s more, social media platforms have also learned that content that has more interactions will get more interactions — a cycle that’s hardly limited to social media. But if more interactions lead to even more interactions, which is ultimately the focus of most social media platforms, it means that bumping your engagement numbers will lead to even more attention and engagement for both current and future posts.

In general, interactions, also known as the measurement of social media engagement, is the way that creators can draw their audiences into their world, even if it’s just to view a quick pic and see what kind of comments pop up. 

Social media users are also picking up on engagement by aligning themselves with brands and people that foster a sense of community with their social media. Users may not be together in person, but when they come together in support of someone or something, real emotions and relationships can develop.

Better yet, stronger relationships can complete the circle and help on the creative side of things as content creators refine and improve their offering based on the comments, feedback and the support of others. Even celebrities and huge brands may trial something on social media before kicking it out to their worldwide audiences, and each interaction is an opportunity to learn and grow alongside your audience.

How To Increase Social Media Engagement

While everyone has their own ideas as to how to implement a social media engagement strategy, the most important thing is to actually be social. Posting regularly, commenting and interacting with fans is just as important as what you have to say, and it also shows your audience that you’re having a discussion with them, not just shouting from your soapbox.

That said, you’ll still want to remain true to yourself. A consistent, authentic voice is better than some kind of act or persona, and seeing the real you lets your fans know that, hey, there’s a real person here. Get started on Loyalfans!

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