Why Is Creative Expression Important?

One of the beautiful things about social media is that it’s an opportunity for us to introduce ourselves to the world in a direct and in some ways almost intimate way. It’s something that in effect is an open canvas for anyone with an Internet connection to engage in the art of creative expression. Creative expression is a window to a person’s character, traits and soul depending on your belief system, which means that creative expression is also a huge opportunity to generate a following as well.

The reasons why creative expression is so important in this setting may not be clear to everyone, so we’re going to provide you with 5 reasons that creative self-expression can make all the difference in your effort to introduce yourself to the world. 

1. It Differentiates

Quick… name the boring profile of one person you’re connected with on social media and one thing that the profile discusses. Can’t do it? If not, then you’re like most people, as everyone should understand that boring is not memorable. If your social media presence is just like everyone else’s, you’re never going to stand out. However, if you dive into deep levels of creative expression, your presence is going to be memorable and people will notice it.

2. It’s Alluring

Creative expression is not only differentiating and memorable, but it’s also alluring. There are countless ways to engage in creative expression online, including photography, artwork, memes or even written content that involves unique and funny or even profound wording. Regardless of which mode or modes of creative expression best serve you, people are drawn to it on an almost instinctive level.

3. It Lets People In

In a real-life setting, we all tend to know when someone is putting up a façade or trying to put forth some type of image that isn’t necessarily genuine. We perceive that instinctively, and that reality – or lack thereof – translates to social media. Creative expression is a way to genuinely show people who you are and what you’re all about that’s almost effortless. It also gives off a positive vibe of why you’re out there with your message and what you want to share. People appreciate that.

4. It Encourages Interaction

It’s one thing to simply post on social media and have people nod in passive agreement before they move on to something else, but it’s something else entirely to post some form of creative expression that motivates people to interact with you. Comments, shares, likes, retweets and the like are the engine of any influencer’s work, and creative self-expression in any form encourages that.

5. It Leaves Them Wanting More

We all have accounts on social media that we follow not only because we like what we’ve seen, but because we can’t wait to see what these people do next. Truly raw and open creative expression will have people looking at your presence in hopes that they find something new to look at and respond to, and that’s only going to help you build a loyal following.

How Loyalfans Can Help

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