The Masked Oppai: Thank You For Being Loyal

At, we put our creators first – and we love coming up with new ways to help promote the people who engage so creatively and passionately on the platform.

Earlier this year, we designated the first International Content Creators Day — August 26, to be exact – a day to honor hardworking, clever, and creative content creators everywhere, from all genres and spaces.

To celebrate, we held the “Thank You for Being Loyal” video campaign (among other things). The videos turned out so great that we decided to keep the fun going with even more “Thank You for Being Loyal” messages.

Here’s one special video featuring Yasmin, who’s also known as The Masked Oppai. She’s a certified HS teacher and big titty waifu — and Loyalfans is the only place to get her premium and free content!

Also, for those of you who maybe don’t know what “waifu” is referring to, it’s a term for a fictional character, usually in anime or related media, that someone has great — maybe even romantic — affection for.

The word originated back in the 1980s as a Japanese borrowing and rendering of the English word wife. It’s said to have been an alternative to the gender limitations implied by the traditional term, kanai, which literally means “inside the house.” It then developed a more specialized meaning in English-speaking anime and manga culture in the 2000s.

So interesting and so apt – because we definitely have great affection for The Masked Oppai! Find her on at /maskedoppai

…and thank you for being loyal.

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