The Best Video Platforms for Pursuing a Content Creator Career

If you’ve got a winning personality and some great content ideas, you could turn that into a content creator career. But first you need the best video platform. There’s no shortage of online video platforms out there, and they all do basically the same things, allowing you to broadcast your video content to the world while interacting with fans and followers in real time. But if you want to elevate yourself above the unwatched masses, you need the best platform for your online video content.

Regardless of the type of content that you create, the best video platforms allow you to reach anyone — or a select few — in a way that works for the type of content you create and how you’d like to be compensated for it. Better yet, if you want to create different types of content and give some of it away while you lock the rest up, you’ll need a platform that empowers you in relation to your audience.

Why Video?

Some people just have this innate urge to create video content. Others may enjoy connecting with people and sharing their lives with others whenever they have a free moment. No matter your reason for creating, it’s important to find your niche and motivation for creating content so that you can design an online persona and commitment level that works for you. 

If you’re just starting out, experiment. Try longer and shorter content and see which one is better for your schedule or desired involvement. You might also find out that your audience likes longer content or vice versa because of the increased interactions, and that can help you design an overall strategy that works. 

Video Upload Services

Some video platforms are mainly for uploading videos, though the line is starting to blur and you can upload videos and go live on just about anything these days. But for basic video uploading functionality, YouTube and Vimeo are two of the biggest. They’re popular with everyone from vloggers to filmmakers, but monetization opportunities are scant, meaning that even if a video of yours blows up to, say, over 1,000,000+ views, you may only pull in a couple grand from the advertising. Pass.

Social Media Sites

The next level of online video platforms are social media sites, which allow you to both upload videos and go live. They’re somewhat better than the typical video upload services in that you have more control of your content, but it’s hard to segment different audiences, and monetization options are also limited. However, many video content creators use social media to build or nurture their audiences, and then they try to funnel them over to another platform where they can provide additional content behind some kind of walled garden. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and Periscope are the big players here, though all are more or less beholden to their advertisers than their content creators, which means that monetization is crude, if not entirely nonexistent as they’re essentially advertising platforms.

Control Your Destiny With Loyalfans

With Loyalfans, you get one of the best video platforms out there because it enables you to provide your fans with original content and to get paid for it. Instead of sharing all that content for free and hoping that you’ll get lucky or hit it big down the line, Loyalfans is a top online video platform and social media network that connects content creators with their fans under an innovative and flexible platform that gives content creators all the power. 

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