Making Sandbags with Risque Cosplay

There’s cosplay… and then there’s Risque Cosplay. And trust us — Risque Cosplay is next level!

Risque Cosplay — aka Bellatrix of — is the real deal when it comes to full scope authentic cosplay. Her craft ranges from “big nerdy” (!!) prop and costume projects to adult content inspired by her favorite pop culture creations.

We recently spoke to the mastermind at Risque Cosplay about her process, her passion, and how she’s inspired — and directed! — by her most loyal fans.

Loyalfans: How do you keep coming up with new ideas for your content and fans?

Risque Cosplay: My fans! Or as I like to call them – my directors.

One of my popular requests as a creator is making custom femdom and fetish videos. I have learned so much from talking to my fans, and I love that we can nerd out about the same pop culture topics. Some of my favorite ideas come from comic books and movies. Often the “plot” or style of the content was inspired by what my fans enjoy. Many of my favorite villains are a perfect fit for female dominant role play.

What are some other things people think are easy about your job but are actually really challenging?

Nothing is turn key. I think there is a false notion that you can sign up for any content creator site and immediately be successful. From the very start there are documents to submit and a profile to set up, and from there maintaining a consistent and quality feed of content is key. Promoting yourself is a major task if you want to grow your following!

What’s your favorite type of content to shoot?

Cosplay! Well known evil characters and original concepts inspired by horror are my favorite. I am definitely of the mindset that everyday should be Halloween.

When I put on that costume and makeup, I feel this charismatic seductress persona come out and it is so much fun. I think by now my biggest fans know I’m a big gentle giant nerd (I stand about six feet tall), which is why I love the juxtaposition of being wicked and cruel. It’s all fantasy, it’s all role-play, and it’s a joy to wake up everyday and work on a new creation.

Sports stars are famous for being superstitious. Do you have any pre-shoot rituals you perform as well?  

Nothing superstitious to report, but I do have a system. If I am doing a cosplay shoot with full costume and makeup, I need music to get into the moment while I get ready. Makeup for certain characters can take a long time. Often I will drink some tea or coffee as I get ready, and I keep a straw handy because nobody wants their cup covered in every lipstick color of the rainbow!

Best tech or gear hack?

Oh I have a good one for this: I make my own sandbags to weigh my tripod stands down. Every light kit I have ever bought does not come with weights for your stands, and that’s an accident waiting to happen.

If you have knee high socks that are cute and match your studio space plus something heavy like decorative rocks, you can make these. It’s so important to weigh down your light stands and other gear to prevent damage.

Find Risque Cosplay on Loyalfans at

Risque Cosplay sexy costume

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