Queenthiccc: Thick with Insight

For Queenthiccc, a career online was part of a wider overall transformation.

“I actually [got started as an online content creator] because I’ve lost 125 pounds since November of 2020,” she shared. “It was a way for me to boost my confidence and try to love myself a little bit more.”

Loyalfans is all about body positivity — and we love love love this! 

Like everyone working in online content creation, Queenthiccc has a lot on her plate.

When we asked her how she manages the 24/7 demands of today’s super fast-paced industry, she explained that “I stay very tired!”

But she also elaborated with a useful lil trick: “I also try to always do an outfit change and take extra pictures and videos when I’m making content and keep them in a separate file. That way, if I get behind, I can pull from there and still make at least one post.” Genius! 

When not working, Queenthiccc’s downtime of choice is super simple and heartwarming. “I watch a movie with my kid and do my skincare routine,” she shared with us. “Sometimes I take a nice bath to cleanse my aura.” 

And speaking of auras and aura-related things, Queenthiccc gave us one final peek into her work world.

“I’m not sure if [this is] unexpected or that no one else does it, but I try to do theme days,” she said. “Like, Topless Tarot Tuesday where I’m available to give Tarot readings, and Makeup Monday for whoever wants to learn. And I have a very detailed schedule on when to make content, for what site, when to broadcast and go live and when to post content.” 

Find Queenthiccc on Loyalfans at loyalfans.com/queenthiccc

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