The Incomparable Queen Jayde

Queen Jayde is relatively new to the online content creator space.

I have always wanted to do this type of work and am so happy that I found Loyalfans!” she told us. “As soon as I was verified, I began my Loyalfans journey. I started posting immediately and have also met so many helpful ladies [here].”

Jayde maybe relatively new to this hustle, but she’s already had some funny snafus. She shared that, “Omg the funniest thing that’s actually happened to me is I was trying to post a cute picture of my kitty kat actually, and I didn’t lock the image — so yes everyone got a free picture that I wanted $3 for but the comments were what made it great and laughable.”

The learning experience is one thing that makes this story great though. “We all make mistakes and hey this just gave me another tip,” Jayde said. “Always make sure your content has a picture or a locked image before posting!”

Queen Jayde shared some more of her great learning experiences and tips with us, and we got the best message overall: Everything is a process! Enjoy it, strive, and don’t sweat the small bumps. Read on!

Loyalfans: Is working as an online content creator any different from what you expected?

Queen Jayde: The one thing that different is the money. I thought I would just take some sexy pics post them and make $3,000 right away — at least in subscription prices — because so many [creators] are talking about the money they make. What they aren’t talking about is all the places they advertise or if they are even paying for promo. Some had thousands of followers on social platforms before beginning their work. This just wasn’t my case, so learning to not compare yourself to anyone is something you will learn in this business for sure.

Everyone’s experience is so much different from another, but I do know consistency is key. Keep posting, do the S4S drops, and bring your personality because Loyalfans is so much more than just posting a sexy picture. I have heard another woman describe it this way — “Loyalfans is like a premium spicy social network” — and I actually really love the way she said that. 

How do you keep up with the demands that come with being an online content creator?

Since I’m still new, I am still learning how truly busy I am these days. I am also a mother and have two small children, which makes it even more busy.

A time saving tip I use is when making content — whether it’s for TikTok or even just a simple selfie — I will also post it all to my Loyalfans. So my content gets posted to more than one place usually. This saves so much time when I am busy and don’t have time to make content. Other than that it is a lot of messages, a lot of promoting yourself to other sites or apps, and a lot of being on the phone or computer.

You are literally running your own business. I work as much as I can every single day, which is all anyone can do. Just give it your best and put in every spare moment you can.

What is your favorite thing about Loyalfans so far?

My fav thing about Loyalfans is just the whole set up in general. I love that it offers auto-posting, I love the look of Loyalfans, I like that it offers audio clips, and I am so excited to try the Loyalfans Android app! No other platform that I work on has an app, so that’s so exciting for me!

Aside from the locked image — which is so important — do you have any key advice for creators?

Do not compare yourself to anyone else. You may start out and do great or start out and do not so great. If you stick with it, the rewards will come.

Also, there are so many people in this business — find something that makes you stick out. What makes you different? Use it! Make sure it’s something you love doing to obviously. If it’s not something you even like doing then it wouldn’t even be worth it.

One more thing, whenever you are posting something, always post the price and date first! Then add your content. Too many times I have accidentally posted things for free or was setting it as an auto-post for a later date, and it posted immediately.

What’s the one thing that no one does except you?

I have always been a big cannabis smoker, so I use a lot of that in my content too. Yes there are so many smokers out there, both cigarettes and cannabis, but how many women have you seen dance while smoking a joint? Not many. That’s one thing I do differently. I have always also loved to dance, so I mix the two together a lot. 

When you are not working, what’s your favorite way to spend your time?

I have always been a very outdoorsy type. I love to fish, camp, swim, and just do anything outside! This makes it so easy for me to keep posting fresh new content. The scenery is always changing, along with whatever I’m doing that day. I also change up my makeup looks and outfits regularly, but that’s just  a “no brainer” in this business. 

What’s your big takeaway after your first three months or so in the industry?

Thinking that it is easy fast money: I believed this lie when I started. It is easier than other jobs, but — again — is very time consuming and the job doesn’t come without stress or anxiety. At least not for me.

I also haven’t made much of any money yet either, which in turn is a pain in the butt. All I can say is stick with it, when you are first starting out focus on making, editing, and posting plenty of content. Do not focus on the money aspect much if at all. I know by focusing on what’s important, which is my content, that the money will come later and after I have plenty of content posted. 

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