Pornredhead: Fire-werk!

Pornredhead is a quintessential firecracker — and boy does this fire werk!

She took some time out recently to share a bit about her path to online content creation and her headspace today. Read on for so many insights…

Loyalfans: How did you get started as an online content creator?

Pornredhead: I started in this business because I’ve been doing video chat a lot of time before, with interruptions unfortunately.

How do you keep up with the 24/7 demands of being an online content creator?

I am used with lot of demands because of video chat. The difference here is just that I can work non-stop from my phone only.

How do you work to stand out in today’s competitive industry?

Because all adult industry looks to be the same, difference is made by the craziest ideas you can have. Because I am alone without any partners, somehow that is very hard. Your own mind is the limit, and simplicity is not an option. Because this is adult work and I am single model, my most important gear is my toys and costumes.

What are some of your big online goals?

The most important thing is to have subscribers. Goals are just dreams, reality is different. I am more rational than a “big hitter.”

Do you have any peers in the industry that you admire or whose work you appreciate?

I don’t have models to follow — not because they are not good, though. Many models really do amazing stuff and I admire them, but i think everybody is unique and can create unique stuff without necessarily being an admired person for others.

For myself, I don’t see anything “unexpected” showing up. Maybe I am wrong, but being *me* all natural is the thing only I can do.

What are your thoughts on Loyalfans as a business platform?

I like all about Loyalfans. It’s simple, useful, and there is not a thing I would change on it.

Working from home is great, but how to you stave off feelings of boredom or loneliness?

Working from home is the best thing you can do nowadays. Cooking is my relaxing time during periods of isolation.

Beside this work, I like to do gardening, be outside in nature, and relax just watching the stars at night or clouds at day. Hearing all kind of noises from nature is beautiful. Having a space just for myself outside just make me happy.

Is your sign an accurate description of you?

I am an Aquarius. Because I am an air sign explains why nature just gives me all I need if I can enjoy it in peace.

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