OneBadWife: Dance Like Everyone is Watching!

Who is OneBadWife?

Sometimes her face is obscured. Other times, only her most loyal fans can see her. She hails from London and werks the big boobs/big ass hotwife MILF angle perfectly on her Loyalfans page. Another angle she bings to her timeline is the IRL adventures piece, which includes the quintessential marker of hotwives everywhere — hooking up with others in front of her husband!

It’s all great fun and an excellent space to showcase one’s skills and creativity in. Read on for some tips and tricks from OneBadWife — who loves to dance like no one is watching (but usually they are!).

Loyalfans: What’s your self care activity?

OneBadWife: I like to exercise a bit every day to keep fit, and I like having long baths to relax. I also enjoy cooking for my big family of six and going dancing to music when I can. This is my favorite thing by far.

What’s your favorite feature on Loyalfans?

My favorite feature on Loyalfans is being able to do video calls with my fans, as no one else does that. It’s a good way to give my fans the personal touch they love

What is the one key piece of advice you have for other models and creators? 

When you come across a big spender, treat them really well, show interest in them, and behave as if they where your boyfriend and as if they mean everything to you and they will fall for you. Send them special locked videos that are personal and relate to them. Make them feel special.

What’s your favorite holiday to celebrate with your fans? 

Christmas is probably my favorite holiday because it gives me an excuse to dress up as a naughty Santa, which I love to be.

Besides working, what’s your favorite pastime or hobby?

As mentioned above, my favorite hobby is dancing. I love to go out to clubs and dance the night away.I have been told I am a very sexy dancer

Find OneBadWife on Loyalfans at

OneBadWife white bikini

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