Every Direction, with Noelle Easton!

“I’ve been doing adult work since the day I turned 18,” Noelle Easton told us. “I knew right away that I wanted to start with camming, but soon advanced into stripping and then doing porn scenes.”

According to Noelle, the adult industry was “definitely different than I expected, but I learned to never judge an industry based on preconceived notions and ended up very much enjoying and appreciating my experiences.”

It’s wonderful when life’s twists and turns bring you to an unexpected but positive place! And for Noelle, one such place is Loyalfans.

We asked her about her favorite, most useful feature on the platform. She let us know that she’s “really enjoyed the mass upload and cloud upload features on Loyalfans. They allow me to upload many photos at a time and even include a cloud feature which has really made transferring fan sites a pleasant experience over any others.”

It is important to consider some potentially unseen impacts of working as an online content creator, as it can be a somewhat isolating occupation. Noelle has some advice to keep in mind.

“Working from home can be isolating. Make time and raise funds to visit your friends, family, and even shoot with people you enjoy being around if you’re open to it,” she shared. “Have pets if you enjoy them and be sure to go out when you’re feeling social and see if you connect with anyone you’re around. Having some fun free time can really help you work to your full potential!”

Noelle herself practices what she preaches, as a momma to fur babies and a nature lover!

“Besides working, I enjoy living on a wildlife reserve with my two cats and my Great Dane puppy,” she too us. “I hope to one day enjoy farm life again, as being outside and working with animals has always given me a sense of real purpose. Of course, I’ll continue to share my intimate self as well. Being in a natural state gives me so much joy!”

Find Noelle Easton on Loyalfans at loyalfans.com/noelleeaston

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