myprettyfeet8: Foot Fetish Girl Next Door

“Looking for classy, perfect feet from the ‘girl next door’? Well, look no further!” myprettyfeet8 quips to her fans — and she knows exactly how to slide into her fans’ fantasies with this description and her overall aesthetic and vibe.

myprettyfeet8 has been in the fetish community since 2018 and is known for HD quality content and a positive vibe.

“I always wanted to be a foot model, but I didn’t think it’d ever happen because I’m super short,” she shared with us. “But I stumbled upon a blog about Instagram foot modeling, and I immediately felt like it was a dream come true!”

“It’s not at all like what I was anticipating because I had no idea what I was getting myself into,” she continued. “But the more I get into the business, the more I love it!”

myprettyfeet8 has built out a fantastic niche and fanbase for herself, giving her fans exactly what they want while also staying true to what feels ideal for her own self. Read on to learn a little bit more about this lovely lady’s foot fetish vibe.

Loyalfans: How do you keep up with the workflow and demands of today’s industry?

myprettyfeet8: I definitely spend way too much time checking emails and DMs to keep up with clients, but at the same time, I get totally bored if I’m not working on the business! I’ve made multiple platforms to keep up with to keep myself as busy as possible, but I also am able to turn it off when I’m spending time with family or friends.

What are some other things people think are easy about your job but are actually really challenging?

Some clients ask for customs with camera angles, multiple camera angles, or even moving camera angles that are far more difficult to accomplish than they probably realize — but I love a challenge!

What’s your favorite feature on Loyalfans?

There are so many, but there are three things that really impressed me:

Being able to download live broadcast to use that footage: AMAZING!

Having private notes: so useful!

Getting the 5% referral for fans. That is shockingly incredible, and I’m so thankful for that!

Besides working, what’s your favorite pastime?

I really enjoy reading, especially thrillers, and I enjoy watching horror movies and true crime shows. My hobbies are fairly solitary because I’m an introvert. I also play the piano and wish I spent more time playing!

Find myprettyfeet8 on Loyalfans at 

myprettyfeet8 red rhinestone sandals

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