Mrsbstz: When Life Becomes Art

For Mrsbstz, life has become art.

“Before Mr. B. and I met face to face, I had been His long distance submissive,” she shared with us. “To ‘entertain’ Him, I put myself on display on different sites — FetLife, AltFriendFinder, DoMyWife, and, believe it or not, Flikr being the first!”

She shared that showing herself in lingerie, corsets, bikinis, and nude to complete strangers online became “a total fetish” for herself as much as it was to please Mr. B.

“The thrill and turn on of exposing myself — I literally became addicted to it!” she said. 

Mrsbstz explained that, “Doing it for my fans on Loyalfans still carries that excitement and mystique of doing the ultimate ‘teeze’ because there is that distance between us.”

“That distance also creates a space of freedom — freedom for my fans to express some of their deepest, darkest thoughts and feelings,” she explained. “Kind of like an online bartender, I’m serving eroticism and fantasy while they tell me their secrets.” 

When asked about keeping up with the demands of online content creation, Mrsbstz explained that, “Keeping up with the demands of what it takes to keep my fans fulfilled is not an easy task, but I’m used to pleasing! As a submissive, my aim is always to please my Master. This pleases Him, to see me on display, and so by keeping my fans happy and horny, it is service that flows out to many hearts. I guess you could say it’s a labor of love!”

Mrsbstz also shared with us a bit about her favorite hobby:

“A favorite hobby was more of a career at one time. I was a professional singer for years and still love to sing when I get a chance! I will still jump up on stage with a local band and belt out a tune or two! I just love the energy of a band and how everyone feeds off of each other! It’s creative, sexual desire put into sound waves! No wonder I always loved it!

And this lovely Aries also shared a bit about her sign, explaining that: “Astrology is a secret obsession! I self-taught myself all about the birth chart and how to read it. And I am an Aries — strong, fiercely independent, brave, attracted to what’s new and next, fun, openly affectionate, and full of joie de vivre — or, a love of life! I love to share that with my fans the most!”

She also shared that, “Just because I’m submissive to my Master, doesn’t mean I am submissive in life.” Therein lies a great insight about life and art both melding and also remaining distinct.

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