Smokin’ Hot Molly McGuire

Molly McGuire is a 24 year old bisexual snowbunny with her very own dump truck! Truly: That ass in no joke.

If you’re a fan — or, you’d like to be — the best place to get to know Molly is on her Loyalfans page. There, you can follow for free or subscribe for exclusive access to her explicit content and DMs.

We recently got to ask Molly a few quick questions about her work, her life, and her favorite way to spend her time when she’s not working, which was awesome!

Loyalfans: How did you start in the business? Is it different than what you expected?

Molly McGuire: I started in sex work when I was 19, camming from my dorm room. I’ve also been on the sugar scene for a while and used to work as a dominatrix at a high-end club.

I started making adult content independently — but with the help of my amazing manager — about a year ago. This is definitely the most dynamic and time-consuming form of sex work I’ve been involved in, but it’s also very rewarding and probably the most glamorous too.

What’s your favorite type of content to shoot?

I always saw myself in the hardcore b/g niche because I’m so kinky myself. I haven’t gotten the chance to shoot much of that as a rookie, though. Please send any tall, sexy, kinda scary male co-stars my way!

Is your sign an accurate description of you?

I’m the most aquarius Aquarius who ever aquarius-ed. We all think we’re the best sign — because we are!

What’s your self-care activity or downtime ritual of choice?

I’m a doobie doobie pothead stoner, so I love rolling up a big torch of a joint, playing solitaire — with real cards! — and watching a grisly true crime doc or horror movie.

Find Molly McGuire on Loyalfans at

Molly McGuire smokin hot

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