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“Oh hey! I thought I’d see you here…” ModelBri greets her fans. “Welcome to my UNCENSORED VIP fan page, where I post photos & videos multiple times daily! This is the ONLY site where I share all of me with you, so don’t miss out on all the fun!”

ModelBri promises her fans a great experience — and she puts a lot of thought into how she delivers on that promise!

To that point, “I started doing this type of work in January of 2019. It’s very different from what I expected, I think mainly because it’s a lot more work behind the scenes than what meets the subscribers eye,” she explains.

“I dedicate a lot of effort and time into this,” ModelBri continued. “I enjoy being creative and expressing myself through photos and videos, but with that comes a lot of brainstorming and set up.”

Like a many creators (and like that classic meme likes to tell us), Bri has experienced a bit of disconnect when it comes to what people think her job is — versus what it actually is.

“I think most people think it’s as simple as posting a photo or two and making a quick income,” she shared regarding this “what people think I do/what I actually do” dynamic. “It’s definitely a lot more to it, such as promotion, photography skills and knowledge — all the way down to knowing how to do your taxes!”

Here are a few more gems ModelBri had to share with us in her recent interview!

Loyalfans: What do you think is the most useful feature on Loyalfans?

ModelBri: I love that Loyalfans lets me upload so quickly. Being a content creator who lives in the country, it’s sometimes sooo time consuming just to upload a video. Loyalfans has a way of compressing the video before uploading, making it 10x faster than other platforms. It’s amazing!

What are your big upcoming online goals?

I would LOVE to grow my Loyalfans platform, and it would be awesome if I could grow it bigger than my other social medias. The more subscribers, the more the saying “the sky is the limit” applies.

My first online goal was to get 10k followers on Instagram. I was lucky enough to surpass that and to date I’m at 50k genuine followers.

What are the first and most important pieces of gear you would recommend to other creators?

100% going to have to say get a basic ring light or something to start off with. A ring light/tripod combo is the best, and it’s all I started with. As I made more income, I was able to get stand alone lights, a DSLR camera, and backdrops. Fun, but unnecessary!

What’s something you offer your fans that’s “surprising”?

I think a lot of people are shocked to find out I do custom content. That’s one of the amazing things about having the Loyalfans platform — getting to do amazing content for my loyal fans.

What are your most important self care and support activities?

My down time activity would definitely be retail therapy. What can I say — I love buying outfits and different things I think would benefit my content. I have also been fortunate enough to build a support system of people who are within my niche of work.

I love photography in my spare time too. I think that’s why I enjoy doing Loyalfans. I shoot, edit, and produce all my own content. It’s a lot of work, but it’s super rewarding when my fans let me know they’re only subscribing to me because I’m raw and original

Who in the industry inspires you?

I look up to Hawk and Riley Reed. They’re both stunning women who have really taken the reins and made something out of themselves, while remaining respectable — and that’s hard to accomplish in this industry.

Is your sign an accurate description of you?

I’m a Pisces, and I think my sign is fairly accurate. My personality type though is INFJ — yeah, I took the test! — and I find that to be very accurate about my personality.

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