MistressLol4: Femdom x Italia

MistressLol4 is a Femdom and Prodomme from Milan — bella Italia! 

Read on to learn more from this edgy and interesting creator on Loyalfans…

Loyalfans: How did you start working in online content creation?

MistressLol4: I’m a really new content creator. I went from [another site] to Loyalfans around December, and it all started almost by chance.

Every video shot and every post I felt grows within me an innate passion for this type of thing. I feel it is for me, and I will continue as long as I am allowed — with love, passion and fun!

How do you keep up with the workflow and demands of today’s industry?

I feel in harmony with these timelines, but in the end it is like taking time for myself and for what I love most. I admit that it is quite difficult though. In fact, the more I go forward the more I improve the pace with these times, but it is feasible if there is passion!

What is the the first big online goal that you want to achieve?

Definitely to grow and become a creator worthy of being in one of the world rankings. It takes a lot of time, dedication, and professionalism. I hope that in the long run, with the experience, I will be able to arrive at a solid and great empire.

How do you foster a good relationship with your fans?

I certainly try to establish a personal dialogue with each of them. Personally, I like to know who follows me. This is done through chats. I often send good morning messages or photos to unlock to play a bit with me.

What do you like best about BDSM and fetish content creation?

The world of BDSM has many shades, and there are many fetishes in the world. This is what I like most: the fantasy and to experiment, not the monotony.

What makes clips such a great content form to shoot?

It amuses me a lot, and it is something that I really feel is a very interesting pastime. The look, the light, the texture, the cut of the video — I like everything! The best part though is knowing that there are people who love to buy them entranced by my beauty and my superiority.

What are things that people think are easy in your job but are actually really challenging?

The vast majority of people think that being a content creator is easy, a game. In reality, it takes a long time and a lot of cunning. Also, always keeping the profile active in order not to risk losing followers or subscribers.

It is very complicated, but I repeat: If you do it because you like it, sometimes it comes out naturally.

Find MistressLol4 on Loyalfans at loyalfans.com/mistresslol4

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