Miley Cyrus Goes Topless for ‘Rolling Stone’ Magazine

Miley Cyrus is defying critics by exposing her boobs in Rolling Stone magazine — so if you’re looking for Miley Cyrus topless, Miley Cyrus’ breasts, or Miley Cyrus exposed, now you know exactly where to go!

Miley Cyrus ignited a firestorm of comments, hearts and tweets when she said, “THEY TOLD ME I SHOULD COVER IT SO I WENT THE OTHER WAY” — then exposing her perky breasts for the world to see in a defiant display of public nudity.

At the time of this article, the hearts, comments, and retweets were flowing at such a rate it looked like her boobs would break Twitter. Take a look at the uncensored tweet here:

Miley Cyrus Breasts

Maybe we can get Miley to start a page at — because we would never tell her to cover up! (Remember: We welcome ALL forms of positive, creative, consensual expression!)

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