MickeyFucksMallory: Your Wet, Wild ’90s Dream… Today

There’s a Mickey and Mallory from the ’90s you may have heard of — a wild, passionate couple destined for one another. Now, that Mickey and Mallory might be fictional, but if you were to fast forward to today, redact the movie sensationalism (it’s an Oliver Stone film, ’nuff said), and keep all the passion, well, you might just find yourself Loyalfans creators MickeyFucksMallory.

Mickey and Mallory are a rough and wild couple sharing their mega dick downs to rabid, loyal fans. It’s a wild on-camera chemistry that’s difficult to articulate but impossible to ignore.

We got the chance to speak to MickeyFucksMallory recently, and we learned that there is a deep measure connection feeding their wild public persona, however, which makes this creator couple all the more fascinating!

“We have always had a great connection, mentally and physically,” Mickey and Mallory told us. “Since day one, our sex life has just been incredible. We always said to each other that it would be selfish not to share this gift with the world — and make some money in the process.”

Like many people moving into the online content creation space, however, they “never expected it to be so much work though! We are constantly posting and promoting on social media and so on. It’s definitely not a 9-to-5 job.”

When asked how they keep up with daily demands, they had some sage advise.

“We try to keep a stockpile of content. That way we can post daily pics, and weekly videos,” they explained, adding further that, “Also being a couple helps. Mallory can conversate with the fans, while I work production — or vice versa. This helps break up the workload.”

They also had some advise and insight in terms of being a couple working in online content creation.

“No matter what, the relationship should come first,” they explained. “If either one of us isn’t comfortable doing something, it gets shut down, no questions asked. We sat down in the beginning and discussed what we were comfortable doing and not doing.” 

Setting up some rules and limits and boundaries in the beginning is a great idea. Creative couples must also allow for changes to occur over time, as well as keeping a handle on the daily grind of the work.

“We keep our work and personal lives balanced by choosing a day or two out of week for filming, going live, and so on. You need to keep the passion alive and going strong,” they offered. “We film on Saturdays, and the rest of the week it’s just us — no cameras, no lights. This way, it doesn’t become monotonous and we don’t burn out.”

Wise across the board!

Find Mickey and Mallory on Loyalfans at loyalfans.com/mickeyfucksmallory

Mickey & Mallory snuggly

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