Malena: Located in Paradise!

Malena is an amazing, smart lady located in paradise — and also on Loyalfans! We asked her a few questions about her work online and her experiences on the site.

This amazing feisty artist shared that she’d been working in the industry for several years before leaving the studio system.

“I have been in this business for a long time and have worked for many years at the studio,” she shared. “I have long begun to understand that a good powerful computer, microphone, lighting, and a camera are the first and most important thing. Of course, also super powerful internet and everything else like interior and clothing. It is also important understand basic phrases in English and, of course, smile!”

“I left the studio five years ago and now I bought myself a powerful PC and bought an apartment for which I made a living and all I need,” she continued. “To be independent is cool — be your own boss!”

Though Malena is super proud of her work and the independence it’s brought her, the wider world continues to have issues with online sex work.

As such, “my friends do not know exactly where I work because it is difficult to explain and it is difficult for them to understand,” she shared. “Therefore, I always say that I work with bank electronic payments because it is difficult for me to explain! I also say that I have a hobby and additional income [from that hobby].”

“For me though, there is nothing complicated. For me, working on sites is an extremely creative approach and I approach everything with love and I love everyone who is on the site, all the creators and so on,” she said, highlighting her balanced approach to her work. 

“It’s like an addiction, but only on the net, and you don’t know who will you meet!”

We asked Malena a few more quick questions. Here are her answers!

Loyalfans: What’s your favorite feature on Loyalfans?

Malena: My favorite option on the site is video private and subscription. Subscription gives a closer contact to the fan, and I can make a lot of free gifts for my fans or subscribers.

What was your first big online goal?

My first goal was to find the first subscriber and not to take the number of fans for me… I continue to do it! Also, the goal is to be the best.

Does working online from home ever cause feelings of isolation or loneliness? 

No, I do not experience any discomfort when I work from home! I have everything thought out.

When I bought a three-room apartment, I knew why I needed a big apartment: one room for rest, another for activities, another for relaxation and sports. My apartment looks like a creative place with cameras, backgrounds, clothes, cosmetics. It’s a little crazy, but the life I have is one I once dreamed that I would have — a place where I could be myself and no one would infringe on me. Plus, I can control myself and what I do.

Outside of work, what are some of your favorite things?

My hobby is my work activity because I work for eleven sites and it takes a lot of time. Also, my hobby is cars… Yes, this is my weakness! I am a professional racer! I also love sports, proper nutrition, and special books. I love photos and videos, and I also do charity work.

I do not dwell on any problems.

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