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Tampa, FL (July 14, 2020)Loyalfans.com is pleased to announce its new Creators Page located at Loyalfans.com/creators.

Creators and fans can navigate to the new page for an array of status updates. Listings include the site’s top-ranking creators, creators who are currently live, creators currently available for video and voice call, and creators who are new to the site. 

“Our Creators Page offers a true taste of Loyalfans,” said co-founder Eduard A. Braileanu. “It gives friends and fans a great look into who’s utilizing the site to communicate with their most loyal fans, and it also shows you who’s new to the space — all in real time.” 

Loyalfans’ Creators Page makes it easier for people to find exactly what they are looking for on the site. The “Live Creators” and “Call Creators” listings update in real time. “New Creators” are featured on the listing for 30 days after signup. Additional filters and features are coming soon.

“Our Creators Page is the perfect place to discover new and interesting creators to connect with,” Braileanu continued. “It’s a great space for existing fans, as well as new friends.” 

Creators have reacted enthusiastically to the new page, citing its unique functionality within the premium content sharing space and potential capacity for targeting traffic as highly advantageous. This page will help creators become more discoverable, thereby further supporting new and developing artists on the site.

Visit Loyalfans’ Creators Page at Loyalfans.com/creators.

On Loyalfans, artists and content creators can turn their inventiveness and influence into thriving businesses via the most advanced technology and innovative features available. The site’s features and tools include customizable messaging, live streaming, video chat, audio recording and podcasting, video and photo sharing, and more. 

Loyalfans prides itself on transparency, inclusivity, authenticity, and stability. The platform offers up to 80% payouts with the ability to earn an additional 5% for referring creators and fans. Loyalfans offers safe, stable processing via wire transfer, Paxum, ACH, and SEPA occurring on-time twice per month. Artists and content creators have direct access to 24/7 site support, as well as direct access to site programmers and developers. 

For more information about Loyalfans, contact media@loyalfans.com, visit Loyalfans University,  or go to Loyalfans.com to start a creator account. For support, feedback, and to share ideas, contact andrew@loyalfans.com

About Loyalfans.com: Loyalfans.com is a premium social media fan club that enables influencers, creators, artists, public figures, and all types of compelling people to interact with and share various forms of original content with their most loyal fans. Creators’ loyal fans can become supporters in exchange for exclusive benefits offered via the platform, facilitating an opportunity to turn individual ingenuity and influence into a thriving business.

Loyalfans invites all people and personalities to create, share, and connect via the platform, thereby manifesting opportunities to earn revenue and grow. Loyalfans welcomes and supports all forms of positive, consensual, creative expression.

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