Art & Ink with Lady Levy

“I started in this business from a lot of people I know suggesting I become a model and do NSFW-type modeling as well. It had been an idea I explored before, but my confidence needed some work before starting,” Lady Levy shared. 

“[This work] is a bit different than I expected though as it is much more helpful and welcoming to newcomers, and it’s been a very pleasant experience so far,” she said.

Lady Levy is a self-described “kinky/nerdy/sub who mostly posts artistic photos” — she melds art and ink for a beautiful aesthetic that’s compelling for her fans.

We had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her work online and how it’s going so far!

Loyalfans: What are some other things people think are easy about your job but are actually really challenging?

Lady Levy: Finding the right shot. Some days i just don’t get it even after of hours of attempts

We all know that being an online content creator is a 24/7 job. How do you keep up with the workflow and demands of today’s industry?

Honestly, I am not sure that I do. I work a separate full time job already, and I just try to devote as much of my free time to my fans as I possibly can. They deserve all the time I can give.

How do you keep coming up with new ideas for your content and fans? 

The art behind it all inspires me most. Sometimes my fans give me ideas and others just come to me.

What is the funniest thing that’s happened to you while working?

I’m a clumsy person naturally. The amount of times I slip and straight up fall is very comical.

What’s the best thing you’ve found so far about Loyalfans?

The support team! They are the best support team I have encountered and are very friendly and helpful in maintaining my page.

What is the one key piece of advice you have for other models and creators?

You come first. Give it your best but not your all. You need to give to yourself and personal life too. 

Find Lady Levy on Loyalfans at

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