It’s Official, Kimberly Clark!

“I actually started in the business by coming across a few ads on some websites and thought it would be a good side hustle to make a little extra cash, thinking it would be easily done. It is definitely different than I expected for me,” Kimberly Clark told us.

“I’m still learning how to keep up with workflow and demands of today’s industry actually, and I’m still learning about all these fetishes — some I never even knew about. Everyone is so unique,” she continued. “No matter what role you play, you always have to remember your fans and know what they came to you for, especially regulars. The fans and support are why I’m here today, and I hope to grow my fanbase in the future.”

Kimberly Clark Official took some time out to share a bit about the perspective she’s gleaned in her time working online thus far — how awesome!

Loyalfans: What are your must-have work-related beauty products?

Kimberly Clark: Well I would say my must-have work-related beauty products would definitely be lights — a lot of light — so therefore a ring light would be my number one must-have. Secondly, I would say my makeup because that is what makes me Kimberly Clark. Lastly a tripod extendable phone holder. Trust me, it’s a damn life saver.

So then, your best tech or gear hack is..?

I’m honest, so my “best” tech or gear hack is literally taking every lamp in my house and using it for lighting along with the ring light. I’m literally surrounded by a bunch of lamps to get the best lighting. So unorganized, I know!

What is the funniest thing that’s happened to you while working?

Oh damn… There’s a few times I’ve fucked up.

Let’s see, there was this one time when I worked as a PSO I had a call and I misunderstood what the person said which was them begging to watch me take a BBC. So I thought they were begging me to fuck them with a BBC.

I was really engaged in the conversation, and the whole time they’re trying to tell me that is not at all what they said. I’m completely cutting them off, playing a dominant role. All I heard was “What the fuck,” then they hung up and not until about a half hour later did I realize what I done. I just thought the dude was a hater.

What are some other things people think are easy about your job but are actually really challenging?

My role is easy in some aspects because my comebacks are always rude and disrespectful, but this is also where the challenging part comes in: keeping your composure and not actually going the fuck off on some of the sick twisted things individuals are turned on by and tell you.

You just have to disconnect. Keeping a positive mindset and moving on to your next task is all you can do.

What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not working?

When I don’t work I would say my favorite hobby is to listen to my favorite rock bands and draw. Music is like an escape to me and so is drawing. I can draw kinda well too, so you guys know I’m not just sitting around having a blast listening to music and drawing shit drawings. For real on the low though — fuck it if they are shitty drawings at least I had a good time!

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