The JuicyLemon is Worth the Squeeze

You’ve heard that saying — The juice is worth the squeeze. It means in order to accomplish something you, essentially, must put in some work. To get the juice, you gotta squeeze the fruit. And the saying is often rendered as a question: Is the juice worth the squeeze? Meaning, Is the end result worth the process and effort it takes to achieve it?

This is a question people probably often ask as they think through the work it takes to be successful online. It’s a super personal thing to think about, something only you can answer for yourself. But one thing we *can* answer definitely is this: The JuicyLemon is 100% worth the squeeze!

We got to ask Loyalfans content creator JuicyLemon a bit about her work online — delicious!

Loyalfans: How did you start in the business? Is it different from what you expected? 

Juicy Lemon: I’ve been thinking about doing it for quite awhile now. My boyfriend is a huge support and gave me courage to start doing it, and it’s not different from what I expected at all.

How do you keep up with the workflow and 24/7 demands of today’s industry? 

I have a planner to keep track of what I do for that day and week. Sometimes it’s not planned, but I work through it since I’ve just started. 

What is the first big online goal you want to hit? 

I want to save up to move out and upgrade equipment. At the moment, due to personal reasons, I’m living with my parents so it’s quite fun trying to do what I want to on the downlow at the moment. Once I move, I would be able to do it with more and better equipment. 

Besides working, what’s your favorite pastime or hobby? 

I do digital art, painting, and playing games for my hobby. My favorite pastime is relaxing  and watching YouTube. 

Find JuicyLemon on Loyalfans at

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