Housewifeginger: Loyalfans Sneak Peeks

Got It Going On!

“Hot Housewife” is one of those long-standing categories that everybody just seems to love. That probably has much to do with the similarities it shares with everybody’s favourite genre – MILF! And to be fair, is there anything more sexy than the attractive, and often unassuming “housewife next door” who has just got it going on? Today we’d like to give you a sneak peek of Housewifeginger, a creator new to Loyalfans who most definitely falls into the hot and sexy housewife category! Housewifeginger joined the Loyalfans platform a couple of months ago with the view of seeing where it might just go? We’d say right now, that train’s going all the way to Hotsville! 

Do You Have A Fantasy?

When you subscribe to Housewifeginger’s Loyalfans timeline, something we highly recommend you do, you’ll receive daily pictures and videos from the super sexy housewife! Do you have a fantasy? Message her and she’ll do everything she can to make that fantasy come true! Friendly and approachable, Housewifeginger is open to ideas and wants to give you the best photo set or video she possibly can. 

Loves To Be In Control

A slim and sexy redhead, (everything you’ve heard about redheads in the bedroom is true btw), Housewifeginger’s favourite way to stay trim is with sexytime, dancing and Pilates! Want to see her sliding up and down a pole? Stay tuned, pole dancing lessons are one of her goals! She loves to game, is really great with her hands, and equally as good with her feet (check out her Loyalfans vids store), and when it comes to positions, her fave place is on top – she LOVES to be in control! Here’s the link to her Loyalfans timeline, make a bit of time, because you’re going to be there a while!

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