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We recently asked evelynn_rose  how she got started as a content creator online — a happy accident!

“I started to do it by accident, evelynn_rose told Loyalfans. “I never thought I’d start a blog, idea were offered by my good friend, and I decided to try to expose my thoughts in public and got a reaction that I didn’t expect. People accepted it much better than I expected, and I still don’t fully understand why it happens the way it is.”

Regardless of how or why, we all know that being an online content creator is a 24/7 job. We asked evelynn_rose how one keeps up with the workflow and demands of today’s industry…

“I always rely on my mood and mental state. If I’m in a bad mood, I’m not even trying to do something that day, better just to wait until tomorrow. Rest is incredibly important for creating new and relevant content.” — very wise advice!

We got the chance to ask a few more questions. Read on to learn more about evelynn_rose!

Loyalfans: What are some things people think are easy about your job but are actually really challenging?

evelynn_rose: Communicating with such a large number of followers is difficult because it requires a lot of concentration and my time. I’m trying to answer everyone as much as possible, but people usually think that it’s easy. Bet they don’t receive thousands of messages from different people everyday.

What’s your favorite feature on Loyalfans?

Tips. This feature allows fans to express thanks to the creator without demanding anything in return. It encourages me to make content further.

What is your first big online goal you want to hit?

I want to reach millions — actually as much as possible — of followers in all social networks in total. Despite the fact that it may seem impossible, I intend to achieve my goal in any way.

People often feel A LOT of pressure to get a bunch of gear when they first start creating content online. What do you think are the most useful things to have when you’re very first starting out? 

It is desirable to have a good camera for taking photos and videos. Streaming device, as well as several additional light sources.

My first major upgrade will be a laptop from which I can stream, write text for posts, and conveniently edit and store photos and videos.

What is the one key piece of advice you have for other models and creators? 

Carefully analyze the reaction of your fans to your content — this is the main key to improving what you do. Of course, the ideal option is if your desires coincide with the expectations of most people.

What are your 3 – 5 must-have work-related health and beauty products?

All cosmetics, from concealer to mascara, massage devices to avoid swelling, eye drops.

Best tech or gear hack?


Working from home can sometimes feel isolating. What do you do to help stave off feelings of loneliness or isolation?

Going outside with friends

How do you foster a good relationship with your fans?

I answer everyone as much as possible, hold interactive sessions, and sometimes upload paid content for free access.

How do you keep coming up with new ideas for your content and fans? What inspires you?!

Feedback from fans

What’s your favorite type of content to shoot?

Outside content because it’s most versatile

Besides working, what’s your favorite pastime or hobby?

Writing. I like to come up with something unusual: characters, locations, and describe emotions.

Who is your peer mentor, inspiration, or someone you just admire or respect in the industry?

Belle Delphine

Find evelynn_rose on Loyalfans at loyalfans.com/evelynn_rose

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