Casey Calvert: Diversify Your Income, Diversify Your Social Media Presence   

Renowned director and content creator Casey Calvert is widely known for her BDSM and kink content — now, fans will *only* be able to find that content on #realloyalfans

Calvert, who has worked as an adult content creator for over a decade, initially started her LoyalFans page in August 2021 because she realized that “putting all my work into one fansite – OnlyFans – that clearly doesn’t respect or value its creators was an unhealthy financial decision.”

Recently, Calvary decided to make LoyalFans the exclusive location for her most creative, kinkiest, and hardcore content. 

We recently caught up with Calvert to get some more information on one key question: Why?

LoyalFans: Why have you decided to make LoyalFans the hub for your kinkiest fetish content?

Casey Calvert: Most fan sites have very specific content restrictions. Of course LoyalFans also has content restrictions, but when they take something down you can actually have a conversation with them, find out exactly what violated their Terms of Service, adjust the type of content you’re creating to meet their ToS, and (most importantly) not worry about your account being taken down without warning for content violation. 

LoyalFans values its creators and it shows.

What are some things that fans can now *only* see on LoyalFans?

I’ve been enjoying working with LoyalFans so much since August 2021 that I’ve decided to make it my exclusive BDSM content platform. 

If you want to see me doing all the hardcore BDSM stuff I love doing, LoyalFans is the only place you can get it. Why? Because I feel safe putting my hardcore content there, I know I won’t be arbitrarily punished or removed from the site simply for being kinky.

Do you feel like certain (all) forms of erotic expression are currently under attack online?

Erotic expression has always been a target of attack, the methods have simply been updated. It has always been an easy target of politicians who need a cause they can rant about without actually doing anything. Six states have passed some form of age verification law for adult content, always dressed up as a method of protecting children. Of course, it’s not about keeping kids from viewing porn at all. It’s that these politicians simply don’t like it and want a way to censor it.

Of course, the worst censors we face as adult content creators are Visa and Mastercard. I think most consumers have no idea how much control Visa has over the porn they watch simply by demanding content changes and controls from various websites in exchange to accessing their services. Erotic expression is an edge-case art form, and rubbing shoulders with more acceptable forms of expression is never a painless process.

Why is it important for creators to pay attention to “regulatory” practices, both legal and privately held?

As content creators we have no choice but to pay close attention to rules, regulations, terms of service, and so on because we’re simply at the mercy of those who enact them. In the case of governments, as long as we pay our taxes and make sure we’re all consenting adults, there’s not a lot of possibility of legal blowback these days. Obscenity prosecutions are very difficult to advance in the era of the internet, and the Supreme Court hasn’t (yet) completely dissolved our First Amendment protections.

In the private arena, it’s much more serious. As creators, we have no “safe” platform from which to speak, and the rules are always enforced unevenly against us. Just saying the wrong thing can get you banned from Instagram. No one seems to know what you can do on Twitter from day to day. TikTok uses facial recognition to pull down the accounts of sex workers even if nothing in their videos has broken the TOS.

Even if we scrape by with our accounts intact, we’re shadowbanned everywhere, and the various platforms make it as difficult as possible for fans to find us. And then spaces that should be safe for us, like OnlyFans, have become incredibly antagonistic towards the sex workers that made it popular. From week to week the list of things you cannot post, cannot shoot, and cannot even say on OnlyFans becomes more and more ludicrous. That’s one of the reasons why I love LoyalFans. It’s a platform that’s actually sex-worker friendly.

What are some key things you feel creators must do now to maintain viability in today’s somewhat unstable online porn-scape?

Being an adult creator in such a turbulent online porn-scape is incredibly difficult — maintaining viability is work. 

For me, it’s about diversifying both my income and my social media presence. Adult creators can’t maintain just one social media platform, as they could (and do) get de-platformed without reason or warning. You have to be in more than one place, and your income needs to be coming from more than one place. If you can find a source of steady passive income to support you while you work on growing your active income, that’s fantastic. 

Right now my main — but not only — source of passive income is the LoyalFans video store. It’s very much worth investing the time into populating your store with both old and new content, you never know when someone will pop in looking to buy a bunch of videos from three or more years ago.

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