It’s Brittany, Bitch! (4u)

Yes, we know — everyone on earth probably makes that comment when they meet BrittanyBitch4u.

It’s Brittany, bitch (4u) — and fair enough! It’s a memorable phrase in an iconic song, something that the super smart Britt was likely thinking about when she was developing her online persona.

Brittany got started working online as a way to make some extra cash.

“I got started to make some extra money, and I thought this would be a fun way to supplement my income,” she shared with us. “I really did know what to expect when I started, but so far it has been a good experience.”

And what a time to start in the industry — when it’s a 24/7 hustle that takes a bit of focus to keep up on. Scheduling and staying organized is key.

“I keep up by setting aside time throughout the day and evening to work on my content, correspond with my fans, create posts, and so on,” she said. “Then I have nights for live cam, private sessions, and video chats.”

Loyalfans’ features helps Brittany stay organized and on top of things. “I love the mass messaging feature,” she shared. “It is a great way to reach all your fans and subscribers with a personal message.”

No one is all work, and when Brittany is not online she loves to decorate, as well as “when I feel particularly stressed I like to clean or work in my yard.”

In sum, Brittany is a quintessential Pisces. “It is exactly me,” she enthuses, “cmpassionate, wise, and artistic. I like love, romance, music, and feel things deeply.”

Find Brittanybitch4u on Loyalfans at

Brittanybitch4u Britney bitch

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