Alice Fairy: ‘There are no two same cocks on Earth!’

“Once I recorded a rating of one guy’s dick and accidentally it went to another person because of a site bug,” Alice Fairy told us. “It was so embarrassing, especially because you could not reverse sending.”

We’ve all been there — typed a response to Person A in Person B’s window, clicked “send” on an email that wasn’t quite ready (or, sent something to “Grandma” when you were buzzing along too fast meaning to send something to “Greg” …and we all know what he likes!), or sent the right dick rating to the wrong Dick.

But when Alice did it, her response was very endearing: “It was really shameful because every dick is special. There are no two same cocks on Earth!”

…and this is true!

Alice’s anecdote speaks to a couple of things. There are so many different things you can do to make your fans feel special, like dick ratings if they want. There is also so much that can be said for organization and having ways to check and double-check your process in an effort to avoid accidental SNAFUs — and, when little things eventually do happen, that’s okay. There is something about owning up to one’s humanity that might actually make fans love you more!

We had a great little chat with Alice Fairy, where she gave us some insights into her ways of working online.

Loyalfans: Some people assume being a content creator is easy, but how many hours a week do you actually work?

Alice Fairy: There is not much sense to set strict hours per day to spend on creation. It does need proper mood and usually you do it on weekends, too. Some days you might be bored or tired after thirty minutes, but sometimes having fun can last for half day.

But if you do not feel it, you cannot force yourself. When you do it too much, then burnout might come — it happens in every kind of activities.

I feel like my approach to camming is a bit of ADHD. I cannot sit still. That’s why my favorite type of webcamming is where action escalates quickly. I need action, rapidly!

What’s your favorite holiday or event to celebrate with your fans?

It’s hard to pinpoint many holidays, mostly because of church differences between my country and the webcams I stream on.

I guess the only “event” we celebrate is good weather. It allows to make outdoor streams and visit many new places and give new chills to viewers because this can be unpredictable. You never know if people will be walking around place of your sexual performance!

Besides working, what’s your favorite pastime or hobby?

I really like to read. I am trying to follow new technologies as it’s good idea to be oriented in new gear that might be useful for streaming and content creation. I try to stay up to date on webcams, cameras, and smartphones.

I also like exercises and try to keep up good shape. It helps stay in good mood and being able to self-discipline myself is really important factor to keep me going!

Is your sign an accurate description of you?

My sign is Sagittarius and as far as I know it means I cannot focus on one thing all the time, which sounds like me! I need changes every now and then.

I also love telling stories, although sometimes it makes me feel like an old lady. I think at of people like this casual side of streams where you can tell life stories or explain some problems with well known fairy tale or mythology. It’s wild ride with me and I cannot sit still in one place, as I mentioned before!

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Alice Fairy glam but casual

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